When the cut is finished, turn the machine off and let the blade come to a complete stop before removing the workpiece or scraps. Click to see larger view Figure 3-3. A fence extension that is faced with sandpaper provides a high friction surface that helps to keep the workpiece in place as you are sawing. Miter sawing is no more difficult than straight crosscutting but accuracy is most critical. An error of 1° doesn’t sound like much, but when it’s repeated on even just four parts, it adds up to frustration at assembly time.


Guard against drift which is the tendency of the blade’s rotation to pull the workpiece-perhaps just enough to spoil a perfect cut. A fence extension that is faced with sandpaper helps keep the workpiece in place (Figure 3-3).

Here are some things that will cause inaccurate miter joints: Improper alignment of the machine. Dull saw blade or incorrectly set teeth. Stock warped or otherwise imperfect to begin with. Stock allowed to drift. Pass made too fast. Mitered segments must be perfectly matched in size and shape if they are to join together in a perfect union. Use this formula to determine the segment length:

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