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Handle Everything With Care
Make sure all fragile and delicate items are wrapped in bubble wrap prior to packing. Also, label the boxes as fragile as not everyone that will be moving the boxes will know the contents inside.

Take Your Time
Remember not to rush. This is why we recommend starting early and packing the items not needed first, makes it a lot easier and safer. This also goes for unpacking in your new home once the move is complete.

Unpack One Room At A Time
When moved into your new home, start unpacking one room at a time. Slowly work your way through the boxes with care, you’ll get things done a lot faster.

Celebrate and Recycle
Once everything is complete and you’ve unpacked all your items, remember to recycle the boxes at your local supermarket. Get yourself a takeaway and enjoy your lovely new home.

Thank you for reading our top 10 packing tips for moving home. Take the advice and we promise you, your move will be a lot less stressful.

Please also remember to deal with previous tenants/owners posts correctly. Remember it is no legal to open post not directed to you. We recommend you write on the back of the letter, “Return To Sender – Not Known At This Address.” This will also stop future letters from sender coming to your new address.


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