Native speaker translators
Only a native Spanish translator can make a perfect translation into Spanish.
This is why the Ibidem Group translators are always native speakers.

Specialized translators
A precise and correct translation must be carried out by a specialized translator.
In Ibidem Group we translate few themes and few sectors, but what we translate is translated to perfection.

Review and quality control
Although the translator is native and specialized, translation always remains a human process.
For this reason the revision is fundamental: it avoids errors and cleans the final text.

How does the translation process work?
The price of a translation depends on the type of document, the number of words and the urgency.
Consult the prices for English translation of documents, contracts, websites and sworn translations.

It concerns the processes that precede the translation (NB: these are not always necessary).

– Extraction of PDF files and layout on Word.
– Preparation of code files: Html and Xml. Tag blocking.
– Processing of memories and terminological glossaries.
– Preparation of XLIFF files (only if you work with Trados).

The translation will be carried out by a mother-tongue translator, specialized in the required field.

For very large and / or urgent translation projects, it may be necessary to create a team of translators, always directed by a translator who assumes responsibility for terminological consistency.

Complete revision of the entire translation: checking of spelling, style, terminology, layout and layout.

Our quality guarantee includes the revision of the translation so that the customer is 100% satisfied. We recommend to guarantee the quality of the original, since the quality of a translation derives from it.

Tips for getting a high quality translation
Agenzie di traduzione goal is to get a perfect translation, but we can’t do it without your help.
How can you help us get a high quality translation?

A translation will be as valid as the original text.
1. Quality of the original text
Sometimes we get poor originals, with endless sentences or nonsense parts … It is important to be aware of the fact that a translation will be as valid as its original text. For this reason it is essential that the text to be translated is well written.
2. Documentation and glossaries
For very technical translations it is good practice to attach an information document or a pre-translation to guarantee terminological consistency. Sometimes, during the preliminary or subsequent phase of translation, glossaries are created for subsequent work.
If you help us, we will work better.
3. Briefing
Translation is not a mathematical operation: the same text can be translated in various ways, there is no single correct translation. If you want a more cordial, more colloquial or more detached, more literal or freer tone, you must tell us before you begin.


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