Nowadays, it is common to find a Hair salon charlotte nc and day spa combination.  I always like to go to one because not only do I feel beautiful after a visit, I also feel rejuvenated and pampered.

There are also places which are just hair salons and places which are set up just as a day spa.  They’re both nice places to go to but there are differences between the two.

Let me start with hair salons.  They are also called beauty salons because that’s their main purpose: to make one look beautiful. People who go here are those who want to look their best for a special event – a prom, a wedding, a date, a job interview, etc., although there are some people who can afford to go to a hair salon daily just to have their hair done.


Hair or beauty salons vary in the services they provide.  The most basic services are: hair styling, hair cut, hair coloring, highlighting and a perm.  Additional services include manicures, pedicures, tanning, and hair removal.

Day spas, on the other hand, are for people who want to relax, rejuvenate, feel pampered, generally to improve their well-being. For example, a full body massage can help one to relax and be relieved of stress. An herbal or mud body wrap can help to clean, purify, and detoxify the body.

Other popular services which a day spa offers include hair removal, foot treatments, hand treatments, and body scrubs.

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