Every blog post start from blog title, so select your keyword with the help of any keyword planner like Google, SEMrush, Ubersuggest etc. Based on the search volume of your keyword choose your title. Remember the title must contain 60-70 characters. Suppose If you can’t think of a title, use tools for that like HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator, Portent’s Content Idea Generator, Blog Post Idea Generator and Link Bait Generator etc.


Blog Post URL:
You can add your own custom URL. So stuff your targeted keyword in your blog title. Also avoid of using numbers & underscores(_) in your post URL.


Don’t use:


Internal And External Linking:
Google gives more weightage to blog posts which have internal links so try to link your post with your other blog posts. Also it is very important to mention other sources If you are using information from that.

Optimize Images:
Images are more powerful than content. But If it is not SEO friendly, there is no use. So try to use proper size and should use the alt tags for images.

Original Content & Tags:
Try to write the quality content around 400 words which should be informative. And use your targeted keywords in the content. Also use proper and relevant tags for your post.

Consider the about tactics before start your post. Add content regularly and keep focus on your niche also don’t forget to share your post for a better ranking.

Resource: SEO Perth

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