Nikon Reviews

Nikon has introduced numerous models of cameras since it has hit the market. Each year it is introducing newer models and these new models are coming packed with better features and facilities. So, each year the company is introducing cameras that are better than the last. The newest model in the DSLR range is Nikon D90. It has better quality of image and better usability. You need not spend a lot of cash if you want to buy these cameras. You can get cheap Nikon DSLR camera if you do a bit of research.


The company has been introducing digital SLR cameras since the year 1999. The manufacture continued till 2008. The first camera in this range was D1 and the last one was D40. The first generations of Nikon cameras have white and picture adjustments. The picture quality is not very good. The second generation of Nikon cameras started in the year 2007. These cameras had the quality of producing better images. These cameras had the advantage of ‘Adaptive Dynamic Range’ from the house of Nikon. This facility is also known as ADR. It helped in producing real quality images. The cameras capture the images that are very close to the way we see the things. These cameras come with LCD screen measuring 3 inches. Some cameras in this category are D3, D300, D700, and D90.


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