Nov 11

What Not To Do: 3 Most Common Mistakes That Are Sending Your Clients Away From Your Website

When done right, your website can and should be bringing income into your business. But what if it doesn’t? There are three common oversights that might be costing you potential clients and sales.




You only have a few seconds to let your visitors know all they need to know about you. Mainly, who you are and what you do. Ideally, they don’t have to scroll down to find that information. It should be clear from you header and your banner.

What do you do? What type of services do you provide? You don’t necessarily need a detailed description right on the top of your home page, rather a brief and clear explanation. Your goal is to make sure that whoever lands on your home page can understand right away who you are and what you do.

Don’t worry about the details. Once your visitors know they are in the right place they will get to those details later. But if they are confused about the nature of your business and whether they will find the information they came here for, there is a very big chance that they will leave your page right away.

Confused mind always says “no”.

The top part of your home page, from the top of the page to the bottom of the screen (before you start scrolling) is called “before the fold”. It’s the primary real estate of your website. Use it wisely. Make it appealing.


This oversight is so common that someone should declare a state of emergency.

I get it: you are proud of your website, it represents you on the web, it is all about your company. It is a popular assumption that your website is there to just inform the world about you and your services. and thats exactly why so many websites are not as successful as they should be.

It’s not about you. It’s about them.

People come to your website because they are looking for solutions to their problems. They just don’t care about you. (And believe me, I know how devastating this sounds.) Don’t waste their time. Give them what they are looking for, quickly. Make them want to stay on your page.

You can grab your visitors’ attention by letting them know how they are going to benefit from your service, what they are going to get out of it, what is in it for them. The more you can write your content from your audience’s perspective, the more people you are going to attract.


Imagine this: your website link popped up in someone’s google search, they clicked, realized they are possibly in the right place and you might have what they are looking for…

Now what?

What do you want your visitors to do? What action do you want them to take?

Most effective websites don’t just inform. They engage.

Your website should ideally create a flow for your  visitors. It should navigate and direct them. Expertly built websites utilize psychological insights into human behavior. In other words, think like your visitors. What are they looking for? Why did they come to your website in the first place?

Guide your visitors. Once they land on your home page, where should they go next? Make it as easy as possible for them to make a decision. Don’t make them look for it, don’t give them too many options to choose from. The less they have to think about where to click, the better experience they will have and the more likely they will be to convert into your clients.

For example, if the purpose of your website is to advertise your services, then invite your visitors to check out your services page right away. Create a call to action with a bright button to make it stand out.

Whatever your call to action is, make sure it is noticeable. Use buttons is possible. If you have to use text links, make them look like clickable links.

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Nov 11

Best Painting Company

Are you looking for an experienced painting contractor at affordable rates? At Best Painting Company, you can depend on professional interior and exterior painting—satisfaction guaranteed. You don’t pay until you are satisfied with the job we’ve done. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, it has 28 years of experience painting commercial and residential properties.



Painting Services

  • Painting (Residential Interior, Exterior House, Commercial, Waterproofing)
  • Drywall (Repairs and Installation)
  • Finish Carpentry and Crown Molding
  • Faux Painting Finishes, Wallpaper, and Borders
  • Color Consulting

Lowest Pricing in the County

Since we don’t have the overhead of a big painting contractor company, we can offer the lowest rates in the county. We work on all types of residential properties, including fine homes, condominiums, and apartments, doing a professional job and leaving the area spotlessly clean every time. We also paint businesses and commercial properties (both exterior and interior).

So Many Colors…

Selecting the colors for your home or business can be tricky. Contact us about a color consultation. We will tell you which colors would work best with your furniture, cabinets, room style, window features, and lighting. We can also create color recommendations for home or business exteriors, taking into consideration landscaping, neighboring buildings, and inherent architectural features.

Nov 06

Best time to conceive a girl

General speaking, you’d better have sex 2 or 3 days before ovulation days in order to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. Having sex closer to ovulation will dramatically decrease your chances of conceiving a girl. If you have been trying to conceive a girl, you can determine the best time to conceive a girl with a little forethought and planning. Though the techniques mentioned below are not entirely promising, they have really worked wonders for lots of couples.



How do you know when you are ovulating?

Most women have some signs of ovulation.The following are common ovulation symptoms:

Mild abdominal cramps (Known as mittelschmerz too.)

Cervical Mucus

When a woman is about to ovulate, her vaginal discharge (cervical mucus) can become slippery, clear,and stretchy, similar to that of raw egg white.

Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Your body temperature will raise when you are ovulating. You’ll need to take your body temperature just after you wake up.

In this way,by getting the best time to conceive a girl, you can greatly increase the odds of conceiving a baby girl in your favor.

Resource: how to conceive a girl

Nov 05

Stairs, Stairwells, Carpet, Tiles and Timber Flooring

Flooring in areas surrounding staircases should be practical and hardwearing, be able to shrug off dirt brought into the house, and be safe. But at the same time, flooring also offers a chance to make a statement about the whole house.



Slattery & Acquroff. Source: Slattery & Acquroff

A floor particularly in the stairwell positioned in a homes entrance area should be warm, welcoming and in keeping with the style and decoration of the surrounding rooms. Stairways can often have the best floors in the house. The trick is to appreciate them.

Pale carpets are not always recommended for staircases as they get dirty very quickly and cleaning won’t bring out some stains. Carpet may not be a good option if you want to add to the light as carpet trends not to the reflective. If carpet is to be installed in a stairwell where you are required to add light, don’t be tempted to carpet a staircase in a shade that is already dirt coloured such as muds and coffees.

The fact that staircases are a high traffic area means to a carpeted staircase requires consideration. The edge of a tread of a carpeted staircase needs to be round to prevent premature wearing of the carpet on the nosing line. Wear and tare is the menace of a carpeted staircase.

Stairs can benefit from changes of pace, colour and texture. Simple or plain carpets are better because wild patterns can be deceptive and cause you to trip, although they can be as decorative and distinctive as a wooden or stone floors. For example, you can put a different coloured strip of carpet from the rest down the middle that follows the direction of the walls or stair. Neutral colours set off brighter colours on the walls.

Flooring and a staircase can be brought together. The floor can be divided into chunks that has width and depth similar to a stair tread. A handrail can divide the stair and similar flooring like an abstract painting. Like wise the gentle curve of a geometric stair and the simplicity of the construction makes it perfect contrast for a very busy, colourful floor – this can be done with tiles, timber or carpet finish.

With multi-patterned carolina wood flooring such as with encaustic tiles, the simplicity of the stair can be increased by picking just one or two shades from the floor and repeating them on the stair. If the size of a tile in proportion to the floor space is carefully considered the ever popular black and white tile never fails to look elegant.

A floor covering that is a contrast to the staircase helps make to stair safe. Any contrast between the materials or in the case of timber, direction of the grain aids the eye in distinguishing between the steps of the staircase and the staircase entry and exit points.

When considering timber flooring the wealth of choice is endless. A stairwell’s floor can be individual design and styled to site a staircase. In the case of parquetry before you start selecting timbers, the possible styles you can consider are Lineal: “straight lines”, Herringbone: “angled blocks”, Double herringbone: “two blocks next to each other in same pattern as herringbone”, Basket Weave or a Square on Square. All these designs can be altered by laying them in 45° angle or 90° angle having a stunning effect. Then you can consider Borders to add a decorative feature to the parquetry floor. The border could also use contrasting timber give greater effect.

Often it can be best to keep floor treatments as simple as possible particularly in smaller areas, if a floor gets over complicated, the space will be spoiled. Therefore, if you have natural, good looking floors, don’t bother to carpet them unless the noise is too much. If you must have carpet, go for a plain version in a strong wearing weave or in smaller houses a striped runner is good. If you leave the floors relatively plain, you can go crazy on the walls with colour and the stairwells lighting.

Oct 18

Psychometric Test

Psychometric test is a scientific and regular approach. That is used to measure individual’s thinking abilities and behavioural mode. Psychometric test made to measure person’s suitability for a job based on the essential habit, features, ability and common sense.


They identify the area to which person’s character and common sense match those required to perform the job. There are eight types of skill by which one person differs from another. Though we’ve eight skills, each one is formed in a unique manner. That makes us distinct and unique from each other.  Multiple skills theory claim that people with a high degree of skill in a particular kind of talent. They don’t always have a similar skill in any other kind of skills.

  • Why other skills and these considered for on standard IQ tests?
  • Is the term knowledge restricted to this type of narrow range of human efforts of Linguistic, Logical & Mathematical abilities?

So, According to this theory, human skills can break up into eight (8) groups.

The Theory of Mackenzie for Psychometric test

Walter Mackenzie (Multiple Intelligence Survey: 1999 – 2013) gives out the eight intelligence.
He proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner and categorises them into three areas.
That function as an organiser for understanding the unstable relationship of the knowledge, And how the brains work in combination with one another.

R.I.A.S.E.C Theory

Holland Codes signify a set of character types described in a theory of professions and vocational selection. Shrink John L. Holland invented this theory. Holland’s Theory claimed that the six variable typologies. He said It could use to describe persons and their work.

The selection of a profession is an expression of style.

U.S. Department of Labor covered his model, the for categorising occupations about interests.Please choose as per your best understanding

It derived the six measurements of this R.I.A.S.E.C, that design from the evaluation of the following 12 variables. Understanding your primary interests should enable you to understand your ambitions and professional potential.