The second, desert map is the hottest addition of version 1.0. The experience of beta-testers shows that the new terrain of walks requires the use of other strategies than full of natural guards and hiding Erangel. The vast number of vast cities provide a wealth of arsenal and other equipment, but players must watch out for each window of multi-storey buildings and get used to difficult skirmishes in built-up areas. The inhospitable desert between the agglomerations dominate the exchange of fire for extreme distances. The visibility is not limited by the treetops, and the surrounding area abounds with considerable differences in the height of the terrain. The dried boxes become a paradise for snipers. Another curiosity is also a bunch of exclusive weapons for this map, eg. R45 revolver, Win94 lever rifle.


Climbing and crossing System

The supplement, announced by June E3, completely changes the approach to any skirmish. Previously, the central strategy was based on guarding a small number of entrances into buildings where enemies are located. The aggressor was able to storm the house in few ways, but the defenders also had little chance of escaping. With the introduction of mobility, no window or wall to the belt will no longer be impossible to Sforsowania, and the fights will be much more fluid and realistic.

Kill Cam

Players have often complained of having little ability to improve their skills by learning from mistakes. The average match quite often can end up wandering through empty buildings and a single ball that will kill the player on the spot. In version 1.0, it will not only comforted the phrase “better luck next time”, and will be able to trace your last moments from the killer’s perspective. A useful tool for developers is an advanced system of replays, recording to the last 20 games and the whole action within a kilometre radius.


New ballistic system and damage mechanics

Patch 1.0 also has to make shooting a bit more realistic. The System now takes into consideration the variable momentum of the projectile and the resistance of the air, so long-distance shooting is to be a bit harder. Different types of weapons have their own “character” and are characterized by a different profile of damage, depending on the attacked part of the body. Hitbox changes sums up this image.

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