Step by Step Guide to Creating a New Email Account

So if you are ready to create an Email Account then you can proceed with the steps mentioned below.


  • First, visit homepage or else type or in the search engine. You will be redirected to the same home page.
  • Now as you are a new user, click on Create Account.
  • Enter the password for your account and re-enter the password.
  • Enter Birthday, Phone Number, and Alternate Email Address which are used to secure your account.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA image and then click Create Account.

Now visit Login Page and then enter the Username and Password to access the Home Page.

Rocketmail Mobile App

Rocketmail Mobile Application is available for Android and iOS platforms as you can download the application from the official play store. Rocketmail Mobile App has many features to use on your mobile device and also has to share your emails easily.

Rocketmail login

Rocketmail Mobile App helps you to open your attached files without downloading on your Mobile Device.


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